Meet our instructors!


(Wendy, Terri, Chelsea, Heather)


Chelsea Taylor - Owner

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spinning Instructor
Certified BodyPump Instructor

I grew up playing team sports and being active in the outdoors. After high school I quickly realized that in the "real world" it takes a lot more effort to stay in shape and make the time to invest in your health and fitness. This remains a top priority for me. In 2014 I became certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) so that I could help other people make health and fitness a priority in their lives. I love seeing clients have fun and take pride in the progress they make.


Wendy Pendleton - Instructor

Certified BodyPump Instructor
Certified Spinng Instructor
Basic Training Instructor

I had played team sports my entire life and was always in shape. After having a family, I found I had less time for myself and over time I became out of shape and over weight. I was able to take off the  pounds and I tried to go it alone with my own exercise plan. It worked for a while but I became unmotivated and stopped working out. I never considered group exercise until a friend brought me to the ComeFIT Zone. I started by trying Body Pump because I wanted to tone. Spinning and kickboxing soon followed and I was hooked! The Zone has become my passion and my goal is to lead and motivate each person in my class to achieve their potential. I teach Body Pump, Spinning, Kickboxing and Basic Training at the Zone and I look forward to every class, every day. I love what I do!

Terri Herald - Instructor

Certified BodyPump Instructor
Kickboxing Instructor

Never in a million years would I have predicted that I would become a group fitness instructor. I have always struggled with my weight and body image, but I had no ambition to change what I was doing. A few years ago I went to the ComeFIT Zone to try three classes for free and I have never left! I have reshaped my body, made new friends, and have a new found confidence. I have been certified to teach Body Pump since May of 2011. Becoming certified to teach Body Pump has been one of the most amazing and challenging achievements of my life. I love to see my clients getting into their workouts and coaching them to work even harder to achieve the results that I have experienced. I also teach kickboxing. I love to kickbox! It is such a stress reducer. I am constantly gaining new knowledge to keep my classes fresh and challenging. Having fun during a workout is a top priority. (behind safety that is) I love to see the people in my classes having fun and getting a great workout too!                                                                        


Heather Allender, RN - Instructor

Certified BodyPump Instructor

Kickboxing Instructor

My love of exercise started young.  I played soccer, volleyball, softball, hiked, biked, danced...I even remember taking my first high impact aerobics class in high school...yes, I owned leg warmers too!  Unfortunately, even with an active lifestyle I have always struggled with my weight.  It is an ongoing struggle and the reason I first walked through the doors of the ComeFit Zone.  For years I exercised at home with fitness videos, hiking, biking, I tried local gyms but the cardio equipment and Nautilus machines soon grew boring.  When I found the Zone I was struggling with my weight, I was sick of my current exercise routine, I needed to be re-inspired.  I found that inspiration at the Zone and so much more.  The instructors and members were open, friendly, helpful, and the classes were fun!  To this day I think about how I felt when I first walked in the doors of the Zone and make sure I give every new member the same wonderful experience when they attend my classes.  I currently teach Body Pump, Kickboxing and Basic Training for every level of fitness.  Come check us out, you will be inspired too!


Sara Crooker - Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spinning Instructor
Certified TRX Instructor

HIIT Instructor


I have been teaching group classes for many years now. I love working with all types of people with a variety of goals. Growing up I played sports then got into running. I create different workouts each week to keep you from getting bored. I have taught a wide range of classes from Spinning, TRX, strength training, Pilates and HIIT. My main goal for teaching is to spread knowledge while creating a fun and safe place for you to achieve your goals.